I Bet Mitt Romney...
Obama dildo so you can fuck yourself with America.

Obama dildo so you can fuck yourself with America.

Mitt Romney ain’t president. Happy Independence Day.


I’m kinda envious of republicans and how they’ve just set up this alternate universe where facts don’t matter and they’re always right. I wish I had the gall to be so intentionally dense.

IN PLAIN ENGLISH: The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby ruling in three sentences


Today’s Supreme Court decision against Obamacare’s birth control mandate comes in at at a hefty 49 pages (95 if you count the three dissenting opinions). If you’re looking for a more pocket-sized version of the ruling, here’s the decision summarized in three key points:

  1. A federal law called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was written to protect individuals’ religious freedoms — and on Thursday, the Supreme Court ruled that, under RFRA, corporations count as people: their religious freedoms also get protection.
  2. The requirement to cover contraception violated RFRA because it mandated that businesses “engage in conduct that seriously violates their sincere religious belief that life begins at conception.”
  3. If the federal government wanted to increase access to birth control — which they argued was the point of this requirement — the Court thinks it could do it in ways that didn’t violate religious freedom, like taking on the task of distributing contraceptives itself.

The Supreme Court also put some restrictions on who its ruling applies to, saying ruling that only “closely held" corporations can be protected under RFRA, the religious freedom law. Since about 90 percent of companies are, however, closely-held, its unclear how much of a difference that distinction makes in the ruling’s scope. [Vox]


Me at the Q&A tomorrow: Mr. President, I used to think you were a radical socialist black supremacist muslim, but now I’ve realized that you aren’t and I have to say I’m pretty disappointed.



Hey hey hey hey.

Tomorrow afternoon starting around 4 we’re gonna trend #Fornever21 in protest of the Black Panther crop top Forever 21 is selling. This is a collab between thisiswhiteprivilegewhitepeoplesaidwhat, and weareallmixedup. Some good examples we’ve come up with so far:

"Colorism *image of a rainbow under it*"

"Stand your ground *image of red stilettos*"

"Stop and Frisk (me ;))"

"Ku Klux Kute"

"Manifest Destiny"

Also within the tweets, you can include discussion points about cultural appropriation. Start coming up with ideas and stuff now so you’ve got plenty to tweet about tomorrow afternoon. Our goals are: 1) Get the gross ass shirt pulled from Forever 21. 2) Spark a conversation about cultural appropriation. 

Get excited. Get pumped. Let’s make a whole lot of noise. Reblog this a couple of times between now and then so come 4pm-ish tomorrow we’ll be ready to trend it all evening.


Less than five hours until we trend this. Remember: the hashtag is #fornever21. “West Coast Panthers” was a nickname for the West Coast wing of the Black Panther Party. Removing this symbol from its cultural context and marketing it to white teenagers as vintage and trendy is appropriative and gross. Can you imagine what they would do to a person of color if we were caught wearing the Black Panther logo?

Later tonight we’ll be posting a collection of our favorite #fornever21 tweets. Get excited!


We should start tailgating the State of the Union address every year with a giant cookout and we can call it Steak of the Union.

i really want to know what you thought about the State of the Union!

I thought about liveblogging it here, but just ended up doing it on my personal. I don’t think it was Obama’s best speech, but it was a good one, and one of the better ones in recent memory. I thought it was very casual and comfortable, giving off an air of confidence and competence (lotta c words here). It was also a more partisan speech than recent year have been, which is a very calculated move on Obama’s part, and I think a smart one. He highlighted key differences between the two parties: the Dems won’t to extend unemployment benefits and raise the minimum wage, and the Republicans were very transparent in their refusal to applaud for those agendas.

Overall, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I don’t think it was as bad as Fox is saying it was or as good as MSNBC is saying it was, but it was good.


Based on this post…

Suppose we started a blog specifically to grassroots fund raise to produce a cute indie flick staring people of color.

Suppose we allowed you to have input in every part of the process from the plotting to the character bios to the script to the direction to the casting to the distribution methods to the festivals we’ll submit it to afterward.

Is that something you would support?

10k notes and we’ll do it.


No, if you really think about how badly the whole system has shot itself in the foot right now, you can’t help but laugh. Like, the whole reason our economy went to shit in the first place is because banks made a big show of creating housing debt and then saying, “Oh, look at how much money people owe us. Therefore, we are worth a lot of money.”

And the banks would spend real money based on the money they were owed. And of course no one was ever able to pay back the money, so the banks started falling apart, and they would literally sell these packages of debt to each other and then more and more of them fell apart.

And that fucked up our entire economy so badly. But did they learn their lesson? Nope.

The fuckers just went and did the same exact thing with student loans.